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The Persian Roomset

Persian Wallpaper

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Our first real Orientalist roomset in the history of Bradbury & Bradbury! You've asked for it, and we are proud to introduce it now!

With all of its rich patterning, jewel-like palette and glowing metallic highlights, our new Persian-styled wall and ceiling papers have been designed to capture the exotic feel of the "Luxurious East."

Adapted from old, original Indo-Persian designs, these elaborate motifs used individually or in combination can transform a plain interior room into a scintillating Orientalist jewel box!

The beauty of Persian design doesn't have to end at the fringes of your rug anymore...

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Persian Wallpaper
Though every effort has been made, photographs cannot accurately recreate the effects of metallic inks and flat oil pigments. Samples are available to assist in color matching.