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Neo-Grec Roomset

A Neo-Grec dining room in Terra Cotta.

Neo Grec (New Greek) is one of the favorite "flavors" of NeoClassicism, and generally tends to be more restrained and austere than the Roman-based Renaissance Revival style.

There is a certain humor here, as no ancient Classical Greek interiors actually survive. Our knowledge of them is based on Roman copies of Greek wall decoration, and the evidence there more towards exuberance and polychromy than to austerity.

Nonetheless, the restrained elegance of Classical Greek ornament inspired decorative artists throughout the 19th century. In the 1880's the prominent architects George and Maurice Ashdown Audsley of London and New York created the designs used in our Neo-Grec roomset. Fellow Englishmen Walter Crane and Bruce Talbert inspired the ceiling embellishments.

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Terra Cotta Cream & Gilt
Jasper Green  
Though every effort has been made, photographs cannot accurately recreate the effects of metallic inks and flat oil pigments. Samples are available to assist in color matching.