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The Dresser Tradition

Christopher Dresser (1834-1904) was one of the most startlingly original designers of the Victorian era. A botanist and world traveler, he combined his own inventive abstractions of natural forms (and forces) with the diverse design motifs of Islamic, Gothic, Oriental and Mesoamerican art. Dresser was absolutely unique in his ability to portend the future of design - some of his 1870s designs for metal work and ceramic could be mistaken for high-style Art Deco pieces from the 1920s. His fascination with scientific phenomena such as the palette of neon light made him one of the most daring colorists of his time.

Dresser expounded his design theories in several successful books. He helped bridge the gap between art and industry through collaboration with commercial manufacturers who produced his signature designs for metalwork, glass, ceramics, textiles, and wallpaper.

A Dresser II Roomset with a view into a Dresser I room. Shown here: Roland Wall in Terra Cotta/Burgundy with Victory Frieze in Indigo.

Though every effort has been made, photographs cannot accurately recreate the effects of metallic inks and flat oil pigments. Samples are available to assist in color matching.