Our Newest Additions


The American Louis Sullivan has long been considered one of the most innovative to have come out of the "Chicago School" of architects during the turn of the last century, which includes Frank Lloyd Wright and Purcell & Elmslie. Famous for his principle "form follows function," Sullivan also developed an energetic and highly individualized system of ornamentation that adorned the buildings he designed. Our 21" high Chicago frieze is an homage to this great architect and emulates some of the stenciled friezes and ornaments he designed.

Lands End 23"

Named for the Northern California park that inspired it, "Lands End" features a grove of towering Cypress trees framing an endless Pacific vista. Its 23" height can be adapted to a smaller frieze space by detaching the upper border and dropping it down. The borders can also be removed altogether to create a 20" height.

Lilies of the Field

From the B&B archives, this 21"
c. 1905 British frieze evokes the splendor of life that returns early in the spring. It will form a beautiful crown for a room with warm butternut ochre walls or with any of our coordinated Arts & Crafts wall fills.

Lion and Dove

By popular demand: This 21" high Lion & Dove frieze represents a slight reduction of size from our 26" hand-printed original, thus making it more available to those with shorter frieze spaces. Its warmer hues and A&C era watercolor rendering will make a wonderful crown for any natural wood wainscot. Don't have a wainscot? It works beautifully also with any of our Ochre or Olive wall fills.


Based on a stencil pattern from a British Arts & Crafts designer, the Topiary frieze is one we've liked here at B&B for while, and are now introducing it in our collection of machine printed friezes. In two different colorings either will go well with a painted wall or wainscot.


This popular frieze is now available at a 21" height! A watercolor texture and the multi-colored "tiffany" finish used in it were popularly employed by many wallpaper manufacturers throughout the early 20th century. Being multi-hued it will go with any number of Arts & Crafts period paint colors or with our coordinated wall fills.
Though every effort has been made, photographs cannot accurately recreate the effects of metallic inks and flat oil pigments. Samples are available to assist in color matching.