The B.J. Talbert Roomset - Arbor Fill
Talbert Arbor Fill A wonderful and sophisticated pattern, very similar in effect to the foliate wallpapers designed by Bruce Talbert's contemporary William Morris. Besides the gentle sway of its meander, the magic in this pattern is made by Talbert's use of small ringlets of gold in the background, reminiscent of sunlight penetrating a leafy canopy.

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Description Item Sample Size Price Quantity
Arbor Fill ABW-420 11" X 13.5" $3.00
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Chrysanthemum Border CMB-420 6.375" X 11" $1.00
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Companion Ceiling Papers
Flora Border FLB-420 11" X 13.25" $3.00
Flora Ceiling FLC-420 8.5" x 11" $1.00
Flora Corner Block FLT-420 4" X 8" $1.00
Talbert Stripe USB-420 4" X 8" $1.00
Roomset sample kit
B.J. Talbert Sample Kit TBK-420 assorted $12.00
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