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Detail of Design Services drawing. Click here to view the sample drawing in PDF format (156K).

Shown above: Centennial Roomset ceiling.

Design Service gives our clients individualized access to our in-house trained designer. The ultimate goal and purpose of the service is the creation of a decorative scheme that is uniquely adapted to its specific architectural space and the client's requirements. Design Service will provide you with an architectural sized scale drawing of the ceiling plan and a typical wall elevation, samples of the patterns used in the design, and a quantity and cost estimate. Our designer will do everything possible to make your ornamental interior surpass your expectations!
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Design Service fees for detailed layout drawings are as follows:
•    $250 flat fee per room. (includes samples, quantity estimate, and price & shipping quote)
•    Color consultation starting at $50 per room

Getting Started

A complete and accurate description of the space to be ornamented is the key to a successful design and installation. We have created a checklist to ensure that we have all the necessary information in order to proceed. To initiate a Design Service project, call Customer Service at (707) 746-1900 or download a Design Services kit in PDF format below.

* Please note:

•    Fees are payable in advance of Design Service.
•    For more complex rooms, an additional fee may be assessed at the designer's discretion.
Design Services Kit Instructions on how to gather the information we need to design your space.